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Fig. 4

From: Delineating species along shifting shorelines: Tropheus (Teleostei, Cichlidae) from the southern subbasin of Lake Tanganyika

Fig. 4

Heat map of genetic similarity and AFLP-based NJ tree of 108 southern specimens of Tropheus. Genetic similarity was calculated using Mahalanobis distances between AFLP fingerprints, and visualised on the heat map via the Pearson correlation matrix, using the red-blue colour scale. Specimens are grouped according to their origin along the lakeshore, with specimens from the northwesternmost locality bottom-left. The NJ tree was constructed using three specimens of T. duboisi as the outgroup. Colours next to the heat map and around the tree denote group membership. The T. sp. ‘red’ specimen that is visualised separately in the NJ tree and in the heatmap is the sole specimen from Kikoti (loc. 4). A more detailed version of the NJ tree is presented in Additional file 3

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