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Fig. 8

From: Evolution of the facial musculature in basal ray-finned fishes

Fig. 8

Cranial musculoskeletal system of Elops lacerta, MZUSP 84787; left lateral view; nasal, antorbital, infraorbital series, and ventral portion of extrascapular removed. a Superficial musculature. b Deeper musculature; posterior portions of maxilla and supramaxillas, dorsal portion of pars temporalis of levator arcus palatini, and dorsoposterior portions of preopercle and segmentum facialis of adductor mandibulae additionally removed. Arrow indicates dilatator process of opercle. Abbreviations: AM, adductor mandibulae; CHD, constrictor hyoideus dorsalis; CMD, constrictor mandibularis dorsalis. Color code: Salmon, muscle; sand, bone; blue, cartilage; white, tendon or ligament (regular connective tissue); dark grey, irregular connective tissue

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