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Fig. 6

From: How does temperature affect functional kleptoplasty? Comparing populations of the solar-powered sister-species Elysia timida Risso, 1818 and Elysia cornigera Nuttall, 1989 (Gastropoda: Sacoglossa)

Fig. 6

Functional chloroplasts in E. timida and E. cornigera excrement. a E. cornigera excrement containing a high density of functional kleptoplasts (red circles, a few indicated by arrowheads). b Functional chloroplast density within E. timida and E. cornigera excrement. Since E. timida at each temperature treatment lacked chloroplasts in their excrement, they were all graphed as a single E. timida line (green squares). The excreted plastid abundance in E. cornigera is depicted by blue circles

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