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Table 3 Spearman correlation between the duration spent in satellite cages and the distance between the paternal MHC and the MHC of the respective satellite mouse

From: No speed dating please! Patterns of social preference in male and female house mice

Group of data R T df P
All mice 0.1187 1.4042 138 0.1625
Separated by population background
 Pure population background 0.0907 0.7284 64 0.4690
 Mixed population background 0.1896 1.6385 72 0.1057
Separated by sex and paternal population background
 xF femalesa −0.1368 −0.6906 25 0.4962
xG females 0.3656 2.4532 39 0.0187
 xF males −0.0017 −0.0086 26 0.9932
 xG males −0.0017 −0.0110 42 0.9913
  1. Values for spearman correlation are presented for all mice and separated by the groups differing in their strength of choice (i.e. mice with a pure population background vs. mice with a mixed population background; and mice differing in sex and their paternal population background). Significant results are printed in bold
  2. axF: individuals with a father from population F; xG: individuals with a father from population G