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Table 2 Analyzed on a pairwise basis, lab-based social group (mixed, 4U:4D, versus uniform, 8U or 8D) had no effect on gene expression, despite behavioral differences for disturbed bees as a function of group composition (Fig. 2)

From: Sequential social experiences interact to modulate aggression but not brain gene expression in the honey bee (Apis mellifera)

  Undisturbed (sample size) Disturbed (sample size) Undisturbed Disturbed
Gene t/S p
Inos 1.61 (N = 24) 1.27 (N = 23) 0.121 0.109
Drat 1.43 (N = 23) 0.211 (N = 23) 0.166 0.417
GB53860 162 (N = 24) 154 (N = 23) 0.27 0.10
Cyp6g1/2 0.54 (N = 24) −0.080 (N = 23) 0.598 0.532
  1. P values represent the outcomes of two-tailed tests for undisturbed bees (where there was no difference in behavioral expression as a function of social group composition) and one-tailed tests for disturbed bees (following predictions based on the finding that individuals displayed higher aggression levels when kept in uniform groups). Parametric tests were performed for all genes except GB53860, which was analyzed using a Wilcoxon Exact Test. Sample sizes represent the total number of individuals compared per test