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Table 1 Overall, chronic disturbance had significant effects on brain expression for 3 of 4 aggression biomarker genes

From: Sequential social experiences interact to modulate aggression but not brain gene expression in the honey bee (Apis mellifera)

Gene (sample size) t/S p
Inos (N = 47) −3.02 0.002
Drat (N = 46) −2.11 0.417
GB53860 (N = 47) 3.75 0.0003
Cyp6g1/2 (N = 47) −1.70 0.0483
  1. Values are the result of one-tailed t-tests (or a Wilcoxon Exact Test for GB53860) to account for the hypothesized direction of change based on previous studies [25]. Sample sizes represent the total number of individuals compared per test. Significant differences are indicated in bold type face