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Table 3 Results of generalised linear models assessing (dis-)assortative mating in the grey partridge based on MHCIIB variants using the relative rank of actual mate chosen by each female from unpaired candidates (n = 32 females, 5 duplications excluded)

From: Mate choice for major histocompatibility complex complementarity in a strictly monogamous bird, the grey partridge (Perdix perdix)

Predictor Estimate SE z value p p/2 Holm
Amino acid variants sharing (similarity) −0.6751 0.2546 −2.652 0.0123 0.0062 0.0185
Mean amino acid distance −0.1903 0.2084 −0.913 0.3680 0.1840 0.2840
  1. Significant values are marked in bold (p < 0.05). The last column contains probability values after Holm correction