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Table 2 Molecular genetic characteristics across 17 populations in a Bufo spinosus to B. bufo transect in the northwest of France for 12 microsatellite loci (A) and four SNP loci (B). Within sections panels represent: upper panel–variability measures, middle panel–deviations from neutral expectations, and lower panel–proportion of populations falling into particular Structure and NewHybrids categories. Green and yellow shadings indicate values falling into the lower and upper quartiles, respectively. For locality information see Fig. 1 and Table 1. For data per locus see Additional file 1: Appendix I. The unprocessed data are in Additional file 3: Appendix III and Additional file 4: Appendix IV

From: Concordant morphological and molecular clines in a contact zone of the Common and Spined toad (Bufo bufo and B. spinosus) in the northwest of France

  1. # Microsatellite loci are 1 - Bspi3.11, 2 - Bspi3.19, 3 - Bspi4.16, 4 - Bspi4.24, 5 - Bspi 4.25, 6 - Bspi4.28 and 7 - Bspi4.29