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Fig. 8

From: Neurons of self-defence: neuronal innervation of the exocrine defence glands in stick insects

Fig. 8

Distribution of neurons in the suboesophageal (top row) and prothoracic ganglion (bottom row) revealed by retrograde tracing of the left N. anterior SOG in a P. schultei, b S. sipylus, c C. morosus, and d E. tiaratum. Ganglia are shown in dorsal (top) view after filling of the left N. anterior SOG. The nerves in all original ganglia preparations were traced using neurobiotin solution as tracer. Abbreviations: CLN, contralateral neuron; ILN, ispilateral neuron; N. a., Nervus anterior SOG; PIN, prothoracic neuron; VMN, ventral median neurons. All scale bars: 100 μm

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