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Fig. 7

From: Neurons of self-defence: neuronal innervation of the exocrine defence glands in stick insects

Fig. 7

Backfill preparations with neurons supplying the N. anterior SOG in the suboesophageal and prothoracic ganglia. The filled nerve N. anterior SOG is indicated by asterisks. Stained fibres in the connectives and peripheral nerves of P. schultei are indicated by arrowheads. Preparations of a i-ii P. schultei are from a male individual, and of b E. tiaratum from a female, and c C. morosus from a female. In all preparations neurobiotin solution was used as tracer. Abbreviations: CLN, contralateral neurons; ILN, ipsilateral neuron; PIN, prothoracic intersegmental neuron; SOG, suboesophageal ganglion; T1, prothoracic ganglion; VMN, ventral medial neurons. All scale bars: 100 μm

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