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Fig. 3

From: Neurons of self-defence: neuronal innervation of the exocrine defence glands in stick insects

Fig. 3

Schematic drawings of the nerves contacting the prothoracic defence gland from in situ-preparations in a P. schultei, b S. sipylus, and c C. morosus. The nerves have several additional side branches, shown as open endings, for which the innervation targets are not depicted. In S. sipylus, two nerve branches from the intersegmental nerve complex of N. posterior SOG and N. anterior T1 may contact the defence gland. The N. anterior SOG and the intersegmental nerve complex also innervate ventral longitudinal muscles by short branches omitted here, before they merge laterally of the defence gland. Nerves are shown for the right side only. Abbreviations: dg, defence gland; N. ant. SOG, Nervus anterior SOG; N. ant. T1, Nervus anterior T1; N. posterior SOG, Nervus posterior SOG; N. trans., Nervus transversus; SOG, suboesophageal ganglion; T1, prothoracic ganglion; All scale bars: 100 μm

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