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Fig. 10

From: Nervous system development in lecithotrophic larval and juvenile stages of the annelid Capitella teleta

Fig. 10

Ct-syt1 expression in 7-day old C. teleta juveniles. Panels show DIC images of 7-day old juveniles after whole mount in situ hybridization for Ct-syt1. In panels a and c, DIC images from multiple focal planes were merged in Helicon Focus to show more of the Ct-syt1 expression pattern. All panels are to the same scale unless otherwise noted. c is a cropped, 1.5x magnified image of the brain, d is a cropped, 1.7x magnified image of the brain, and e is a cropped, 1.7x magnified image of the brain and the pharynx. In a and b, the thoracic-abdominal boundary is indicated with two lines, and the open arrow points to a newly forming ganglion. The brain neuropil (np) is indicated in a, c and d. The open arrowheads in e indicate Ct-syt1 + cells near the pharynx. An asterisk marks the approximate position of the mouth. View is indicated in the lower-left corner. All lateral views are of the left side. Anterior is to the left in all views. dors, dorsal; lat, lateral; vent, ventral

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