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Fig. 6

From: The heart of a dragon: 3D anatomical reconstruction of the ‘scaly-foot gastropod’ (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Neomphalina) reveals its extraordinary circulatory system

Fig. 6

Transverse semi-thin sections from Chrysomallon squamiferum. a. Mouth and buccal mass showing the epithelium cuticle (black arrows). b. Posterior part of the head showing the large fused neural mass. c. Mid-body section showing ctenidium, oesophageal gland, pedal nerves, and statocysts. d. Anterior of the heart. e. Ctenidium and associated blood vessels and sinuses. f. Posterior visceral mass. Abbreviations: a, auricle; bc, buccal cavity; ct, ctenidium; dg, digestive gland; go, gonoduct; i, intestine; mo, mouth; mt, mantle; ne, nephridium; oe, oesophagus; og, oesophageal gland; pg, putative proto-gonad; pm, pedal musculature; pn, pedal nerve; ps, pleural swelling; r, radula; rc, radula cartilage; re, rectum; sc, sclerites; sd, duct connecting stomach to digestive gland; sg, blood sinus under the ctenidium; si, blood sinus; sl, statolith; ss, statocyst;st, stomach; v, ventricle; ve, blood vessel. Scale bars: 100 μm

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