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Table 1 Previously proposed homologies of Limnognathia maerski jaw parts and Rotifera jaw parts

From: Detailed reconstruction of the musculature in Limnognathia maerski (Micrognathozoa) and comparison with other Gnathifera

Jaw elements inLimnognathia maerski Proposed homologies with rotifer trophi according to the authors
Kristensen and Funch[3] De Smet [1] Sørensen [6]
Basal plates   Basal platelet (epipharynx) Autapomorphy
Fibularium Ramus Manubrium + uncus Autapomorphy
Ventral jaws Uncus Pseudomalleus (epipharynx) Uncus
Accessory sclerites Manubrium Pseudomanubrium (epipharynx) Manubrium
Main jaws dentarium Ramus Ramus Ramus
Main jaws articularium Fulcrum Fulcrum Fulcrum
Lamellae pharyngea Epipharynx Oral lamellae (epipharynx) Epipharynx
Dorsal jaws Autapomorphy Pleural rod Autapomorphy