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Table 2 Summary of the known and predicted homologs of solute carrier 16A (SLC16A) protein family

From: Brain functioning under acute hypothermic stress supported by dynamic monocarboxylate utilization and transport in ectothermic fish

SLC16A1 orthologues     
Gene name Protein Species Gene loci Accession/Prediction Numbers
hsSLC16A1 hsMCT1 Homo sapiens Ch.1: 113.4m NP_003042
mmSLC16A1 mmMCT1 Mus musculus Ch.3: 104.6m NP_033222
ggSLC16A1 ggMCT1 Gallus gallus Ch.26: 3.55m NP_001006323
xtSLC16A1 xtMCT1 Xenopus_tropicalis Scaffold GL172654.1:2.6m NP_001015931
drSLC16A1a drMCT1a Danio rerio Ch.8: 27.7m NP_956379
drSLC16A1b drMCT1b Danio rerio Ch.6: 48.9m XP_005172152
tnSLC16A1a tnMCT1a Tetraodon_nigroviridis Ch.Un_random:50.4m ENSTNIP00000004779
tnSLC16A1b tnMCT1b Tetraodon_nigroviridis Ch.11:8.5m ENSTNIP00000021447
olSLC16A1a olMCT1a Oryzias latipes Ch.7: 26.4m ENSORLP00000020855
olSLC16A1b olMCT1a Oryzias latipes Ch.5: 11.9m ENSORLP00000008214
onSLC16A1a onMCT1a Oreochromis_niloticus Scaffold GL831365.1: 0.77m ENSONIP00000020865
onSLC16A1b onMCT1b Oreochromis_niloticus Scaffold GL831272.1: 0.54m ENSONIP00000018476
SLC16A7 orthologues     
Gene name Protein Species Gene loci Accession/Prediction Numbers
hsSLC16A7 hsMCT2 Homo sapiens Ch.12: 59.9m NP_004722
mmSLC16A7 mmMCT2 Mus musculus Ch.10: 125.2m NP_035521
ggSLC16A7 ggMCT2 Gallus gallus Ch.1: 31.9m XP_416057
xtSLC16A7a xtMCT2a Xenopus_tropicalis Scaffold GL173247.1:0.46m NP_001106392
xtSLC16A7b xtMCT2b Xenopus_tropicalis Scaffold GL173000.1: 0.36m ENSXETP00000005367
drSLC16A7a drMCT2a Danio rerio Ch.23: 9.9m NP_001092889
drSLC16A7b drMCT2b Danio rerio Scaffold Zv9_NA123: 35,158 ENSDARP00000097781
olSLC16A7a olMCT2a Oryzias latipes Ch.23: 1.1m ENSORLP00000011457
olSLC16A7b olMCT2b Oryzias latipes Ch.7: 20.8m ENSORLP00000017081
olSLC16A7c olMCT2c Oryzias latipes Ch.5: 15.1m ENSORLP00000010065
SLC16A7 orthologues     
Gene name Protein Species Gene loci Accession/Prediction Numbers
tnSLC16A7a tnMCT2a Tetraodon_nigroviridis Ch.19: 6.4m ENSTNIP00000009708
tnSLC16A7b tnMCT2b Tetraodon_nigroviridis Ch.9:8.2m ENSTNIP00000015526
tnSLC16A7c tnMCT2c Tetraodon_nigroviridis Ch.11: 2.3m ENSTNIP00000014066
onSLC16A7a onMCT2a Oreochromis_niloticus Scaffold GL831168.1:2.6m ENSONIP00000012517
onSLC16A7b onMCT2b Oreochromis_niloticus Scaffold GL831137.1: 4.3m ENSONIP00000021355
onSLC16A7c onMCT2c Oreochromis_niloticus Scaffold GL831152.1: 4.9m ENSONIP00000025647
SLC16A8 orthologues     
Gene name Protein Species Gene loci Accession/Prediction Numbers
hsSLC16A8 hsMCT3 Homo sapiens Ch.22: 38.4m NP_037488
mmSLC16A8 mmMCT3 Mus musculus Ch.15: 79.2m NP_065262
ggSLC16A8 ggMCT3 Gallus gallus Ch.1: 50.8m NP_990471
lcSLC16A8 lcMCT3 Latimeria_chalumnae ScaffoldJH127309.1: 0.25m ENSLACP00000007957
drSLC16A8 drMCT3 Danio rerio Ch.12: 20.2m XP_686130
SLC16A3 orthologues     
Gene name Protein Species Gene loci Accession/Prediction Numbers
hsSLC16A3 hsMCT4 Homo sapiens Ch.17: 80.1m NP_001035887
mmSLC16A3 mmMCT4 Musmusculus Ch.11: 120.9m NP_001033743
ggSLC16A3 ggMCT4 Gallus gallus Ch.18: 4.8m NP_989994
xtSLC16A3 xtMCT4 Xenopus_tropicalis Scaffold GL172918.1: 1.0m NP_001007912
drSLC16A3a drMCT4a Danio rerio Ch.12: 34.8m NP_997873
drSLC16A3b drMCT4b Danio rerio Ch.3: 36.1m ENSDARP00000032530
olSLC16A3 olMCT4 Oryzias latipes Ch.8: 25.2m ENSORLP00000021568
tnSLC16A3a tnMCT4a Tetraodon_nigroviridis Ch.Un_random:5.2m ENSTNIP00000017000
tnSLC16A3b tnMCT4b Tetraodon_nigroviridis Ch.Un_random:38.6m ENSTNIP00000006385
onSLC16A3a onMCT4a Oreochromis_niloticus Scaffold GL831179.1: 0.76m ENSONIP00000007853
onSLC16A3b onMCT4b Oreochromis_niloticus Scaffold GL831279.1: 1.7m ENSONIP00000009194
  1. Gene loci organization in the genomic region are collected from the Release 75 (February2014) of ENSEMBL Genome Browser.