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Table 1 Compilation of five different stages of decomposition in correlation with dermestid beetle occurrence

From: The attraction of virgin female hide beetles (Dermestes maculatus) to cadavers by a combination of decomposition odour and male sex pheromones

Stage Time Description Occurrence of dermestids
  [days p.m.a]   
fresh ~ 0 - 2 autolytic processes  
bloated ~ 2 - 6 inflated abdomen through  
   gaseous byproducts of putrefaction  
post-bloating ~ 5 - 11 skin rupture and release of trapped arriving of adults in late post-bloating
   putrefactive gases  
advanced ~ 10 - 25 most of the flesh has disappeared, predominance of adults and first larvae
decay   some soft tissue remains in the  
dry remains ~ > 25 only bones, hair and remains of predominance of larvae
   dried-out skin completion of larval development
  1. adays post mortem.
  2. Data are modified after Powers [6], Centeno et al. [7], Goff [2] and Anderson & Vanlaerhoven [8].