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Table 2 Studies that show clearance of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) from infected amphibian hosts.

From: Mitigating amphibian disease: strategies to maintain wild populations and control chytridiomycosis

Reference Amphibian species Lab or field Temperature
Woodhams et al. [90] Litoria chloris Lab 2 d × 8 hr at 37°C
Berger et al. [58] Mixophyes fasciolatus Lab Constant 27°C
Retallick and Miera [49] Pseudacris triseriata Lab 5 d at 32°C
Bishop et al. [59] Leiopelma archeyi Lab Constant 15°C
Becker and Harris [51] Plethodon cinereus Lab Constant 17°C
Kriger and Hero [237] Litoria wilcoxii Field Natural
Corn [238] Bufo boreas Field Natural
Murray et al. [147] Litoria pearsoniana Field Natural
Pilliod et al. [19] Bufo boreas Field Natural
Briggs et al. [17] Rana muscosa Field Natural
Voordouw et al. [239] Rana pipiens Field Natural
Geiger et al. [91] Alytes obstetricans Lab 5 d at 28°C
Márquez et al. [240] Hypsiboas crepitans Lab Constant 23°C
Chatfield & Richards-Zawacki [92] Rana catesbeiana and Acris crepitans Lab 10 d at 30°C
  1. Clearance of Bd from marked individuals in field studies may have been caused by fluctuations in seasonal environmental conditions, but other factors are possible.