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Table 1 Definition of landmarks. Nineteen landmarks were digitized on 691 specimens of Tropheus (see also Fig. 2).

From: Sexual dimorphism and population divergence in the Lake Tanganyika cichlid fish genus Tropheus

Landmark Definition
1 anterior tip of snout
2 anterior insertion of dorsal fin
3 posterior insertion of dorsal fin
4 upper insertion of caudal fin
5 midpoint of the origin of caudal fin
6 lower insertion of caudal fin
7 posterior insertion of anal fin
8 anterior insertion of anal fin
9 insertion of ventral fin
10 anteroventral tip of pectoral girdle (cleithrum)
11 ventral-most point of the border between interopercle and subopercle
12 the point where preopercle, interoperculum and subopercle meet
13 upper insertion of pelvic fin
14 dorsal origin of operculum
15 dorsal end of preopercular groove
16 anterior rim of orbit along the horizontal body axis
17 centre of orbit
18 posterior rim of orbit along the horizontal body axis
19 posterior-most point of lips