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Table 1 Results from rmGLM using the relative time spent near the preferred female during the 1st part of the tests and relative time near the same (initially preferred) stimulus female during the 2nd part as dependent variables (repeated measurement, rm).

From: Audience effects in the Atlantic molly (Poecilia mexicana)–prudent male mate choice in response to perceived sperm competition risk?

  Effect df Mean square F P
Within-subjects effects Rm 1 2.671 102.199 < 0.0001
  Rm × audience treatment 4 0.089 3.395 0.011
  Error 140 0.026   
Between-subjects effects Audience treatment 4 0.147 2.888 0.025
  Error 140 0.051   
  1. For audience treatments see main text and Figure 1.