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Table 3 Orientation of 12 birds recorded under UV light of two intensities

From: Light-dependent magnetoreception in birds: increasing intensity of monochromatic light changes the nature of the response

  373 nm UV
Intensity axr axb med rb αN rN
8·1015 qu/s m2 47 50 0.76 89°–269° 0.50*
0.8·1015 qu/s m2 11 8 0.95 0.96***
  1. axr, axb, percentage of axial recordings and axial mean vectors of birds, respectively (both as defined in text); med rb, median vector length of the individual birds, representing the intraindividual variance; αN, rN, grand mean vector or axis (non-significant data in parentheses), with asterisks at rN indicating significance by the Rayleigh test, see Table 1