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Table 2 Sources of variation in red blood cell velocity. ANOVA models were run using Family, Environment and Family by Environment interaction as the modelled sources of variation. Critical F values for the given degrees of freedom (DF) and the calculated F values are given for Red Blood Cell Velocity in the dorsal vein and artery. Significant F values (p < 0.05) are in bold face and asterisks represent highly significant (p < 0.005) p values.

From: Cardiovascular system in larval zebrafish responds to developmental hypoxia in a family specific manner

Source DF F value
   Critical Venous velocity Arterial velocity
Family 3 2.95 4.79* 17.31*
Environment 1 4.20 0.28 0.02
Family × Environment 3 2.95 1.43 0.54
Error 28