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Table 4 The effect of the larval environment on the general tendency of Drosophila larvae to aggregate with conspecifics (|Δpl|). Mixed model analysis of variance for the tendency to aggregate with conspecific larvae in D. melanogaster in three types of larval environment (F-C, F-F or C-C). Larval aggregation was measured as |Δpl|, the absolute value of Δpl (see Methods). TREATMENT (F-C, F-F or C-C) and LARVAE were fixed main effects, whereas experimental day (DAY) was a random factor. DAY is nested within TREATMENT and was used as the error term in testing the effect of TREATMENT.

From: Clash of kingdoms or why Drosophila larvae positively respond to fungal competitors

Explanatory variable d.f. Mean square F-value P
TREATMENT 2 0.4168 5.08 0.0302
LARVAE 1 0.2237 3.44 0.0670
TREATMENT (DAY) 9 0.0831 1.28 0.2603
Error 92 0.0651