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Table 1 Nonapeptides and receptors that play a role in reproductive behaviour.

From: Integrating resource defence theory with a neural nonapeptide pathway to explain territory-based mating systems

Molecule or structure Description
Oxytocin A nonapeptide associated with reproduction and social bonding. Thought to be most important in females.
Mesotocin The bird/reptile homolog of oxytocin.
Isotocin The anamniote homolog of oxytocin.
Arginine Vasopressin (AVP) A nonapeptide associated with aggression, space use, and reproduction. Thought to be most important in males.
Arginine Vasotocin (AVT) The non-mammalian homolog of AVP.
V1a A cell membrane receptor for AVT and AVP that is commonly associated with social behaviour.
AVP circuit A collection of neurons that project axons and deliver AVP or AVT to another set of neurons in a different region in the brain.
  1. Note: Each nonapeptide is pleiotropic and has various physiological functions in other organ systems.