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Table 3 Number and distribution of lateral sense organs in members of the Lepidopleurida described in studies to date

From: A new sensory organ in “primitive” molluscs (Polyplacophora: Lepidopleurida), and its context in the nervous system of chitons

Species Lateral sense organs (per side) Anatomical distribution Source
Leptochiton medinae 12 Posterior of the nephropore Plate (1901)
Lepidopleurus cajetanus Up to 35 (Thiele), fewer in a smaller specimen (Plate) Posterior of the nephropore Thiele (1895); Plate (1901)
Leptochiton asellus 10 (specimen 5 mm), 23 (specimen 7.33 mm) From end of foot (at gill 3 in larger specimen) to just posterior of the mouth. This study
Leptochiton rugatus At least 14 From gill 7, and possibly further posterior, to just posterior of the mouth. This study
  1. (n.b. Polyplacophoran gills are counted with 1 being the most posterior gill in a specimen).