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Table 1 Taxonomic arrangement of the polyplacophoran order Lepidopleurida, and genera that have been formerly referred to Lepidopleurida, and occurrence of the Schwabe organ

From: A new sensory organ in “primitive” molluscs (Polyplacophora: Lepidopleurida), and its context in the nervous system of chitons

Suborder Family Genus Schwabe organ
Lepidopleurina Ferreiraellidae Ferreiraella present
  Hanleyidae Hanleya present
  Leptochitonidae Hanleyella present
   Lepidopleurus present*
   Leptochiton present
   Parachiton present
   Pilsbryella unknown
  Nierstraszellidae Nierstraszella present
  Protochitonidae Deshayesiella present
   Oldroydia present
Acanthochitonina Choriplacidae (C) Choriplax (C) absent
  Hemiarthridae Hemiarthrum (C) absent
   Weedingia (C) unknown**
  1. The authors have visually examined specimens in these genera for external pigment patches associated with the sensory structure described. Genera that have been suggested as members of Chitonida (Sirenko, 2006) but formerly referred to Lepidopleurida are noted (C).
  2. *Small patches, very close to the head, where they occur in deep grooves.
  3. **Investigated in one specimen and not observed in preserved material, but cannot be definitively excluded (Sigwart et al., 2013).