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Figure 1

From: A meal or a male: the ‘whispers’ of black widow males do not trigger a predatory response in females

Figure 1

Web structure of Latrodectus hesperus and Tegenaria agrestis . Schematic drawing illustrating (a) the tangle web of Latrodectus hesperus and (b) the sheet web of Tegenaria agrestis. L. hesperus webs consist of a dense three-dimensional tangle of threads. Glue-coated capture threads extend from the tangle to the ground. T. agrestis webs consist of a two-dimensional sheet of silk with a funnel at one end serving as a retreat. We recorded vibrations on empty webs at the active hunting location of the spider (marked by ). The spiders indicate the position of the female’s retreat. L. hesperus web illustration modified from Blackledge et al. 2005.

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