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Table 1 Pairwise differences in larval mortality between the priming-injection treatments

From: Insect immunity: oral exposure to a bacterial pathogen elicits free radical response and protects from a recurring infection

Priming-injection Serratia-control control-Serratia control-control
  χ 2 Sig. χ 2 Sig. χ 2 Sig.
Serratia-Serratia 12.641 <0.001 64.92 <0.001 19.72 <0.001
Serratia-control    115.38 <0.001 1.07 0.300
control-Serratia      130.57 <0.001
  1. The larvae were primed orally with either a non-infective dose of pathogenic Serratia marcescens or a non-pathogenic control bacterium Escherichia coli, and five days later injected with the same or different bacteria.
  2. Statistically significant pairwise differences are bolded.