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Table 4 Measured and calculated acoustic parameters

From: Modeling the origins of mammalian sociality: moderate evidence for matrilineal signatures in mouse lemur vocalizations

Measured Parameters Definition Source
*F0S (KHz) Freq. of F0 with highest amplitude at start Osc. & PS
*F0Peak (KHz) Freq of F0 with highest amplitude at max of F0 Spect. & PS
*F0E (KHz) Freq. of F0 with highest amplitude at end Spect. & PS
SB_Max Frequency at 20 dB above F0S PS
SB_Min Frequency at 20 dB below F0S PS
S (ms) Start time of call Osc.
P (ms) Time of highest point of F0 Spect.
E (ms) End time of call Spect.
N (ms) Start time of next call Osc.
Calculated parameters Definition Calculation
*Start Bandwidth (KHz) Bandwidth of F0 at start SB_Max – SB_Min
*Call Duration (ms) Time between start and end of call E – S
*Time to Peak (ms) Time between start and peak of call P – S
*Inter-call Interval (ms) Time between end of the call and start of the next call N – E
  1. Osc Oscillogram, PS Power spectrum, and Spect Spectrogram. *parameters included in the principal component analysis. For more information see Figure 1 and Leliveld et al. [58].