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Table 6 Corticosterone levels in relation to testosterone and paternity loss

From: Parental care, loss of paternity and circulating levels of testosterone and corticosterone in a socially monogamous song bird

  Estimate Credible intervals (2.5%) Credible intervals (97.5%)
Intercept 8.84 8.41 9.26
Testosterone −0.00005 −0.0002 0.00009
Intercept (no paternity loss) 7796 3986 11727
Paternity loss 4238 200 8130
  1. They were assessed in separate model and the intercept is shown for each model. The second column shows the estimates which indicate the direction of the relationship. The third and fourth columns shows the credible intervals (Bayesian), if zero is not included in the credible intervals there is a ‘significant’ effect of this parameter on the dependent variable, which are shown in bold.