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Table 1 The existence of longevity gender gap (females living longer than males) in different animal taxa

From: Medaka fish exhibits longevity gender gap, a natural drop in estrogen and telomere shortening during aging: a unique model for studying sex-dependent longevity

  Taxa   References
Vertebrates Mammals Human [2, 3, 1517]
Chimpanzees [18, 19]
Gorillas, Orangutans, gibbons, spider monkeys and sifakas [18, 20]
Rat [1517, 21]
Soay sheep, pilot whales and killer whales [22, 23]
Reptiles Lizard [2426]
Amphibians Frogs and newts [2730]
Fishes Spiny dogfish; mosquitofish and scaldfish [3133]
Invertebrates Arthropods and annelids Fruit flies, medflies, butterflies, mosquitoes, seed beetles, ants, bees, tarantulas, tea red spiders, copepods and the giant kidney-worms in the maned wolf [3444]
  1. Footnote: An alternative form of longevity gender gap, i.e. males living longer than females, is also exhibited in a few animal taxa, especially the Aves [45].