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Table 3 Log marginal likelihoods (lmL) and log Bayes factor (LBF) comparisons for different migration models for western and eastern populations of E. rufifrons

From: Phylogeographic analysis of the true lemurs (genus Eulemur) underlines the role of river catchments for the evolution of micro-endemism in Madagascar

Model BA lmL LBF Model prob Model rank
full migration matrix -3056.85 0 1 1
panmixia -3129.01 -72.16 <0.001 4
no gene flow -3193.61 -136.76 <0.001 5
west to east -3085.35 -28.5 <0.001 3
east to west -3084.74 -27.89 <0.001 2
  1. The log marginal likelihood is given as Bezier approximation score (BA lmL). LBF shows differences between the best and all other models. The model probability (Model prob) shows the probability of each model being the correct model relative to the others.