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Figure 1

From: Linking melanism to brain development: expression of a melanism-related gene in barn owl feather follicles covaries with sleep ontogeny

Figure 1

Study animals, setting, and neurophysiological methods. Barn owl nestlings displaying high (a) and low (b) levels of eumelanin spotting, (c) satellite image of Switzerland showing the study area shaded in red, (d) a nest box hanging on a typical barn, (e) nestlings with an EEG/accelerometer logger (inset) attached to their heads, and (f) dorsal view of an adult barn owl brain (anterior up) showing the relative location of electrodes (red spots) and bipolar EEG derivations (red dashed lines) for the left (L) and right (R) hemispheres (bar = 0.5 cm); the vallecula groove (V) marks the lateral boundary of the hyperpallium, or Wulst. a and b, images by AR; c, image from NASA; d and e, images by MFS (inset by ALV); and f, modified from Martin et al.[19] with permission.

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