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Table 3 Tabular list of 27 embryonic, larval and juvenile morphogenetic events

From: Unraveling the origin of Cladocera by identifying heterochrony in the developmental sequences of Branchiopoda

Label Event
A Hatching from resting or subitaneous egg
B Presence of a naupliar nervous system
C Naupliar SL-ir somata are expressed
D Moveable naupliar appendages are present
E Presence of a mandibular palp
F Thoracic limb rows are visable
G Telsonic longitudinal neurite bundles are present
H Carapace analgen appear dorsally
I First molt
J Maxillulae and maxillae buds are present
K Postnaupliar neuromeres are developed
L Thoracic neuromeres are developed
M Primordial anterior trunk limbs are present
N Conical furcal rami are developed at the posterior end of the body
O Second molt
P Postnaupliar SL-ir somata are expressed
Q Three lateral appendage nerves are present
R Moveable anterior trunk limbs are developed
S Compound eye anlagen appear dorsally
T Differenatiation of the ventral food groove
U Differentiated furcal rami are present at the posterior end of the body
V Third molt
W Four nauplius eye cups are present
X Anterior-most trunk limbs are almost completely differentatiated
Y Fourth molt
Z Optical neuropil anlagen appear in the protocerebrum
AA Fifth molt
  1. Events relate to external morphological and internal nervous system structures. Hatching and molting processes are also included.