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Table 1 Terminology of cerebral nerves in Opisthobranchia

From: Use of axonal projection patterns for the homologisation of cerebral nerves in Opisthobranchia, (Mollusca, Gastropoda)

Modified synonyms after Edlinger[7] used in the present study Vayssière[29] Hanström[15] Huber[8] Croll et al.[31] Innervated CSO/Head region See also Edlinger [7], Huber [8]
N1 c1 Nervus labialis minor, Nervus oralis Nervus labialis superior, Nervus oralis Upper labial nerve Lip
N2 c3 Nervus labialis superior, Nervus tentacularis Nervus labialis, Nervus labiotentacularis, Nervus menti anterior tentacle nerve ASOs: Anterior tentacle, Lip organ, oral veil, oral lobe, anterior Hancock’s organ
N3 c4 Nervus tentacularis, Nervus rhinophoralis Nervus rhinophoralis posterior tentacle nerve PSOs: Rhinophore, posterior Hancock’s organ, posterior tentacle
Nclc c2 Nervus proboscidis Nervus tentacularis, Nervus clypei-capitis lower labial nerve Anterior / lateral body wall, cephalic shield, cephalic disc