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Figure 2

From: Reticulate sympatric speciation in Cameroonian crater lake cichlids

Figure 2

Box-plots of the distribution of %-bootstrap support values for the nodes uniting the two Konia species (Figs. 2a) or Sarotherodon lohbergeri and S. steinbachi (Figs. 2b) after iterative removal of single species or taxon groups. Values are based on 2000 bootstrap replicates in the AFLP-based tree reconstruction using the Link et al algorithm [48]; they are based on either the 32-sample/2355 loci dataset for the S. lohbergeri/S. steinbachi split or on the 80 sample / 530 loci dataset for the Konia split. Outside (*) and far outside values (°) are plotted as asterisks and circles, respectively. Arrows denote far outside values resulting in a distinctly higher bootstrap support for the two clades after exclusion of Pungu maclareni. n refers to the number out of 18 maximum possible removal experiments. Removal of Pungu did not result in outside or far outside bootstrap support values for any other node out of 30 nodes tested (Additional information concerning far outside values yielded for other nodes see Additional File 2).

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